Saturday, May 4, 2013

Blog Post #15 - Final Reflection

Part One: My Future Classroom (Reread and Resorted)
  After rereading my first blog post about the type of classroom I would have for my 5th grade class I see now that I did not really have a clear picture of my teaching styles or what technology I would use. I would keep the notion of giving my students a syllabus at the beginning of the semester but I would also have them all go to the computer lab to set up a Google account so that I can also send them the syllabus through Google Docs. But I would also set up a class website where they are to post different homework, listen to the class lesson or read new information I sent out to the class. I want to keep using different teaching methods (observation, direct, guest speaker, field trips) but add in more technology such as Skype in The Classroom and Blogger. I want them to become more acquainted with different ways to communicate with others as well as how to find safe, reliable sources of information for research.
  I know that while my main goal was to teach the lessons that needed to be taught for the grade I also see that manners and responsibly was also very important in the first blog post which I wish to keep pushing. What good are the skills to be a leader or the drive to learn if the student has no respect for others or themselves? This attitude will echo in their projects and homework so I want to show them post or comments done by people who held a professional attitude and could communicate with respect to their audience and those who did not. I would have them compare these people at the begging of the year and then again at the end. What did they notice that they didn't before? Which person were they most like at the beginning of the year? The end? What has changed? Basically I would create my own version of Blog Post #15 for my own students so that they can have their own self evaluation and personal reflection. It helped me a lot and I wish to pass this feeling of accomplishment and a joy that where you are headed is now not as scary as it was before.

Part Two: Video Reflection of The Me At the Beginning and End of This Semester 

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