Saturday, April 13, 2013

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   It is never good for a student to get any form of editing or help from only one person or group because it limits them to a handful of thoughts and opinions. If a child is only around those who see the world in terms of A then they will begin to see the world the same and will not know how to function with or speak to those who see it in terms of B. As a teacher you need to find a way to connect your students to others in the community or the world so prevent this. Skype is one of the most popular ways to accomplish this action because it links others together in a way that allows all to learn and grow from each other. 
   For this week I want you to look into the Skype in the Classroom and poke around to see what you can find. Think of a classroom activity, after school time or even a field trip where this can be used and write it out. Keep in mind the area, subject or grade you want to teach while writing and have it connect.

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   I am currently coming to the University of South Alabama to be a librarian and I want to use Skype in the Classroom in two forms to help the students. The first is an after school tutoring program where the students are joined with another school somewhere in the same time zone for help in different subjects. For example, if a child is having problems adding fractions then everyone from both sides will be placed in the same room where they will help each other. Maybe a student from the other school can share a trick they learned or one person from either side can write a problem out on the boards and everyone work together to solve it. This way everyone is learning together and they are making connections with other students. The second form where I would use Skype in the Classroom is for story times for the younger children. Each week a librarian, teacher or even a parent will read a story to both sides and then they will discus what they learned or found interesting about the book. If there is a part that someone from one side did not understand then have someone from the other side stand up and explain it to them; this will help in listening, making connections and communicating with others. While the main parts from both will be education, speaking and working together there is another that many times a teacher might forget to teach: using your manners. Before either project begins I would first have the teachers explain why it is so important to use their manners, how to speak to someone who needs help without being disrespectful and why learning how to work with others will help them later in life. If I were allowed to use this in my school I know that within a few years that those students will leave with a better view of how to treat others, how to communicate when they need help or are helping someone and that learning something new can be fun. 

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  1. Hey Cari,
    You did a great job coming up with an assignment, and then completing the assignment. I think Skype is a wonderful technique to use in the classroom, and like you said tutoring. I really enjoyed reading your post. Have a great week!

    Hannah Dickerson