Sunday, April 7, 2013

C4K - Part 2

Week One: Alex
Alex wrote about how different her life would be if we did not have the First Amendment. She talks about how she could treat others who were of a different race than her "unfairly" and that nothing would stop it. I said that I agreed because the First Amendment has given us so much freedom to live the lives that we want instead of being under a Kings' thumb. I told her that even today I still do not understand how a person could justify their hateful actions towards them simply because they saw the person as different. America was created to be a safe haven for all who wanted to live their own lives in freedom and thanks to the First Amendment that is what we are today. I also told her that I liked her Book/Movie Review she did on the Three Stooges because both my dad and I still watch them and I was happy to find someone else who liked them too. I hoped that she keeps writing because I could tell from her other post that she has a lot to say and that doing so on her blog was a perfect first step.

Week Two: Kyla
Kyla wrote about how much she liked the new tablets her classmates and she have to use in the classroom but that there were many thing that she also did not like. She finds it confusing when the tablet messes up, "everything" is blocked and they are limited to what they can do on them. Because of this when she goes home all she does is place it in the charger. She states "what's the point of having these tablets if we can't do anything with them at home" as the reason why she does not like them. I told her that I understood because when computers first into my classroom all we were allowed to do on them was type or do research. I was mad too until the teacher explained that we first needed to be taught how to be responsible with the computers before we could move on; once I got that I listened better so to know what to do. When we learned about typing, looking up research, how to start the computer and showed that we would take care of the computer she allowed us to finally play game on it. I told her that I knew she wanted to do more but that these baby steps she is taking are needed so that she can be able to do more later. You cannot run until you learn to crawl.

Week Three: Kaycee
Kaycee wrote her post about the history behind the Easter Eggs in that they are a celebration of new life and that the giving of Easter Eggs has been going on for hundreds of years. I told her how the egg represents the Easter Story. The the hard shell is the tomb that held Jesus and, just as an egg will with time, when it broke it have way to a new life. I also told her how there are some cultures use paints or dyes to decorate the eggs while others use candle wax or sew fake eggs covered in decoration. I have seen these and all of them are very beautiful  I was glad that she wanted to learn more about the history of the Easter Egg because many see an everyday item and think nothing of why we have it or where it came from. I hoped that she would keep looking for history with other events and share them with us again.

Week Four: Ryan
Ryan wrote his post on himself. He lives in Farmersburg, Iowa with a population of about 300 and jokes saying that "if u blink while driving through it you will miss it". Farmersburg is about twenty miles from the Mississippi so he goes to the river a lot. He loves being outdoors hunting, fishing or target shooting with his family. Even during the winter he is still outside wither snowmobiling or ice fishing. I told him that I loved in Satsuma, Alabama which is about the same size as his own town and that sister and dad were the ones who loved hunting. I liked going to Steel Creek instead were I can read, fish or ride on an inner-tube. In my spare time I enjoy swimming, reading, writing stories and rock-wall climbing. I told him that if he wanted to try it that he should not look down when at the top; no one told me but while it was scary it was also very fun.

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