Friday, April 26, 2013

Personal Learning Network (PLN) - Final Report

   After spending several weekends trying to find the right system of organizing my items, web pages, blogs, etc. I finally decided on Symbaloo l and I love it! It has brought much of my stress levels down knowing that everything I need is on one page. I can easily separate my social life into four parts: school, work, play and news/important items. For school I have the school website, blogger, a document where I have listed different professors' and teachers' blogs, Twitter and Pinterest. For work I have their website, the work scheduled and contact information on my coworkers. For play lately it has been placed right beside my school section because from YouTube, iMovies and The Last Lecture they have begun to over lap where what I was doing last year merely for fun I am now doing it also to learn. For news/important items it holds my Gmail, Facebook, links to Linkedin and Amazon where I check any message I might have or items that might be for sale. It has helped me a great deal because now I do not have to write down something I want to keep an eye on for my future classroom or look through one web page after another trying to find which email I used. Everything is in one place that I control and can keep adding to for years to come.

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