Monday, April 29, 2013

C4K - Part 3

Week One: Alex P.
  Alex P. wrote his post about his home state of Nebraska. He talks about the monkey, alligator and lion exhibits in the Healy Dourly Zoo as well as the Koolaid museum and the Great Plains landscapes. He also seems very proud when he writes that Nebraska made the BT Sandwhich and that the state bird is the meadowlark. I told him about my own home state of Alabama. I talked about how much I love the fact that we are apart of the beaches along the Gulf of Mexico, that the sand is as white and soft as sugar and that no matter where you go you in the state you always find miles of lush greenery. I told him that we are know as the "Heart of Dixie" and that our state bird is the Yellowhammer. I told him that I liked what we wrote about Nebraska and that one day I hope I could see it too.

Week Two:
  Charlotte wrote her post about camping with her friends, exploring Warrnambool, her cousin's baptism and eating chocolate eggs from the Easter Bunny over the Easter Holiday. She talked about exploring around the campsite with her friends, how happy she was that Eric brought a stove for eggs, bacon and even pancakes one morning and her landmark for the Easter Bunny. She made a little signs for the Easter Bunny to know where they were so that he could find them and from her "we would explode by the end of eating it all!" comment I say he found them and left plenty of goodies. I told her that it sounded like she had a lot of fun over the Holiday and that I was glad to hear that she could spend it with her family. I said that all weekend long I was helping my parents get different dishes ready and on Sunday we spent all day at my Aunt's home with my entire family. During the big Easter Egg hunt the Golden Egg, a special one the parents make that can hold anything plus some money, was hidden by throwing it in the river and several of my cousins jumped in to get it. Everyone was wet, full of Easter goodies and happy to be together. I told her that I found it very funny and touching that even though we are miles apart we spend the holiday in the same manner: with our family. I also said that I hoped that she will keep writing and that she had very good grammar/writing skills.

Week Three:
  Jayden wrote his blog about his Easter weekend camping in Stieglitz and Easter egg hunting with his family. Thanks to help from his mom his was able to collect half a bag of Easter eggs and even got to play with his friend Luke. Later on they went camping where not only did he have his own tent but he went to sleep with the sounds of the water moving in the creek right beside their campsite. You do not need to read "it was a lot of fun" to see that he very much enjoyed his holiday weekend. I told him that I went Easter Egg hunting too over the holiday but since I was helping my baby niece find them I did get any but was happy to hear that he too enjoyed it. I also said that from he and others in his class have told of their camping trips it sounds like I need to go and to bring an extra tent encase one leaks like his brother's. I ended saying that I was glad that he is writing this blog and when I compared his first post to his current one I could see that he was getting better. I told him good luck with his writing and that I couldn't wait to hear more.

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